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The MIQ Group has been present for more than 25 years in the institutional, home and commercial sanitation market. A group genuinely paulistan with its headquarters located in the city of Ribeirão Preto in São Paulo State region - Brazil. It has as its greatest asset its employees, representatives, commercial distributors and faithful partnership with direct and active customers.

We operate in the States of São Paulo - Brazil, Minas Gerais, Goias and others States with a fast logistics also carried out by our own fleet. Our main goal is to serve our customers by quickly offering high quality of products and great prices.

Excellence in products and services that excel in quality and innovation in the various areas where the MIQ Group operates with deep experience and respect for the market. With a specialized team and extensive experience in the market of cosmetics, sanitizing, chemical inputs, fertilizers, packaging and recycling of plastic resins, The MIQ Group offers efficient and high performance solutions, with high quality industrial production lines.

The company continually invests in process of improvements, design and testing of its products. It has its own research and development laboratory, where several scientific evaluations are carried out to guarantee higher quality and efficiency. The commitment to sustainable development and protection of the environment are also part of the company's principles, such as the adoption of recycled plastic resins. The MIQ Group is present in a large part of the national territory, also expanding internationally, providing a fast and quality service to our customers.


Provide quality products to the hygiene market and institutional sanitation, home, domestic commercial and international trade markets through a team of collaborators working with excellence to bring multi-brand of MIQ Group to various public and private sectors of society.


Being a leader in several segments which operates in the sanitization market, cosmetics, fertilizers, chemical imputs, packaging and recycling institutional plastic resins, home and commercial in Brazil with expansion to international market in manufacturing and products marketing that meet any demand in these segments, while maintaining the satisfaction of our employees, customers, distributors and sales representatives.


- Search tirelessly for excellence.
- Our sales representatives and our customers are our partners and we have a duty to respect them and always offer the best products and services.
-The company is the environment where we live and why we are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection.
-Valuing and training our team, as well as respect for diversity in the workplace.